Harness the sacred all around you to create a business filled with beauty, abundance and grace. 
Experience the magic on August 21st
Stay Sacred: a FREE 21-day practice
Join Sora Surya No and over 30 female entrepreneurs who have learned to create great impact in their business by staying in the sacred.
We begin Monday, August 21st.
Do you find that magic, mystery, play, and miracles are missing from your life and business?

Do you feel alone as you walk this path as a change-maker, trailblazer, teacher, mentor, and/or soulful, feminine leader? 

Do you find yourself wondering if being an entrepreneur has to be this hard? 
Surrender what you’ve been taught, 
and what you think you know about creating a business. 

allow your intuition to take hold 
so the greatest expression of yourself may be released.

Each of the 21 days, you'll receive a sacred practice to help you align your business with your vision, heart and soul. 

Witness other women vulnerably share their thoughts about women's circles, sisterhood, and divine action. Learn how they said no to the hustle, let go of always being “busy”, and stopped listening to what they were “supposed” to do in order to create thriving businesses that have global impact.