Stay Sacred: a FREE 21-day practice
We Begin February 1st
Hello Gorgeous!
Do you find that magic, mystery, play, and miracles are missing from your life and business? 

Do you feel alone as you walk this path as a change-maker, trailblazer, teacher, mentor, and/or soulful feminine leader? 

Do you find yourself wondering if being an entrepreneur has to be this hard?

What if you had a deep knowing that your business was filled with magic and everything flowed with ease? 

What if your business felt sacred? 
Dearest one, you deserve a business filled with beauty, abundance, and grace that thrives in the power of sisterhood.
Join us for a 21-day Practice
We Begin February 1st
This is your invitation to join me and 30+ other experts on a journey into the SACRED.

meet your sacred space holder
Sora Surya No
Sora Surya No is a sacred space holder, strategy alchemist, transformative business coach, international retreat leader, inspirational speaker, fire igniter, heart whisperer, and world traveler.  

She works with sovereign awakened women entrepreneurs to incorporate the art of feeling sacred into their business through rituals, ceremonies, and the divine feminine.

Sora loves to sit in ceremony with sisters and share the art of holding circle. Sora blends real world experience with mystical transformation and help soulful feminine leaders create great impact while priestessing their life. She is a believer of sisterhood and living a life that is wild, free, and calm. 
Every day you will receive a sacred practice to help you align your business with your vision, heart and soul. 

Witness other women vulnerably share their thoughts around women's circles, sisterhood, and divine action. Learn how they said no to the hustle, let go of always being “busy”, and stopped listening to what they were “supposed” to do in order to create thriving businesses that make global impact.
Each day you will receive:
-A video interview with awakened female entrepreneurs who share their favorite tools for harnessing the sacred to commune with their business and discuss their thoughts around sisterhood and circle.

-Simple yet intentional rituals you can do from home to deepen your relationship with your business and the divine.

-An opportunity to practice staying in the sacred and meet sisters on the same path of transformation.

-Transmissions to support the unifying of the mystical feminine qualities with the divinely masculine energies to bring more beauty, abundance, and grace to your business. 
Soul sister, I invite you to be open to the infinite possibilities of living in the sacred.
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We Begin February 1st